BOSTON: Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Hard at Work helping Police in Boston & surrounding areas search for Bombs.

These Heroic Bomb Sniffing Dogs are proving to be invaluable in the fight against terrorist.

Officials have noted that Dogs swept the area for explosives twice before the first runners crossed the finish line and that the dogs would not have been able to smell the gun powder in a airtight sealed unit like a pressure cooker. It is thought that the bombs exteriors had been wiped clean of any residue or odors to assure they would go undetected by the dogs.

Dog Sniffing for Bomb

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Article from

The Daily Dish

By Paul Ciampanelli Apr 16th 2013

Following the bombings at the Boston Marathon, law enforcement throughout the area are on high alert and using bomb-sniffing dogs, according to WLNE-TV.

The neighboring state of Rhode Island has dispatched four of their bomb-sniffing K-9 units to help out in Boston after receiving a request from Massachusetts State Police.

Rhode Island’s state and local law enforcement and their dogs are also exercising high alert in public areas.

In fact, bomb-sniffing dogs have been hard at work in most major cities throughout the country, combing public areas, landmarks, government buildings and sporting events to ensure that the bombings that occurred in Boston yesterday don’t happen elsewhere.

Major airports in Los Angeles and San Francisco have increased police-dog presence, and cities including Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas and Seattle are looking to do the same.

Bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to detect thousands of possible ingredients in explosive devices, according to Discovery News. Details about the types of explosives used in the Boston Marathon bombing aren’t yet known.

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