The Joy of having a dog.

DOGS ……….Your New Best Friend

My Best Dog

It all starts when you shop for your first Dog. The puppies are running around with happy tails wagging and playfull antics that capture your attention and heart. Their cute little faces look as though they are smiling ……. Puppies are little bundles of joy just exude Love and Joy. You know you are hooked when they beg you to pet them and you get your first puppy kiss from this wiggly happy little guy.

Now the big moment, which one will you choose?  Well, my experience has taught me that this won’t be a problem because your puppy will choose you. You just know!

The relationship starts. You and your dog are now starting a journey through life that you will never forget. The friendship and love your dog will bring to you and your family is absolutely amazing. Those loving eyes, happy face, wagging tail, and playful personality will bring you great joy.  You will carry these wonderful memories through your whole life.

Unconditional love is the gift dogs’ offer. As a puppy grows into your best friend an unbreakable bond is created. Always waiting to greet you with a smile, happy wagging tail, and always ready for an adventure. You make their day by just throwing their ball and playing with them. A dog will warn you of danger, try to rescue you if you need help, and fight off any threats. They will become your best friend. They never ask for much but they will always give you their all.

Yes, owing a Dog will bring you great joy.

Adopt a Pet Today!

Love Your Dog TODAY!


Here are some of the dogs….. Past & Current, who we have had as members of our family.

Jip …past, Pepper …past, Suzie …past, Muchie …past, Cookie ( LuLu) …past,

Sadie Sue …current.

We have always Loved Dogs. We appreciate them and will always remember them for their devotion to us and the wonderful joy they gave us.

Love Your Dog TODAY!

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Remembering Zanjeer, The Golden Labrador Who Saved …


Here is an article from The Huffington Post News Service that will touch your Heart.

A Hero……………. A Friend…………… A Lifesaver…………….. Zanjeer The Golden Lab.

Remembering Zanjeer, The Golden Labrador Who Saved …
2 days ago Story continues after photo zanjeer labrador mumbai. The dog died of bone cancer in 2000, the Pune Mirror reported. He was eight years old.


In March 1993, a series of 12 bombs went off across Mumbai.

The serial blasts left 257 dead and 713 injured. But in the aftermath, an unlikely hero emerged. According to Reuters, a golden labrador named Zanjeer worked with the bomb squad and saved thousands of lives by detecting “more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition.” He helped avert three more bombs in the days following the blasts.

On the 20th anniversary of the bomb blasts, an image of Zanjeer being honored by the city’s police has gone viral on Facebook.


The dog died of bone cancer in 2000, the Pune Mirror reported. He was eight years old.

In the photo above, a senior police officer lays a wreath of flowers on Zanjeer as he was buried with full police honors at a widely-attended ceremony.

Mumbai’s police dog squad has been operational since December 1959, the Times of India reported. It began with just three Doberman Pinschers, who were used for tracking criminals.

A labor union leader and dog lover Dilip Mohite told Mid-Day that Zanjeer’s extraordinary detection skills deserved recognition.

“Policemen who die a martyr’s death get accolades, but canine members go unnoticed,” Mohite told the newspaper.

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Comfort Dogs Come to Boston After the Bombing

More Proof that Dogs bring Great Comfort…………………………..

After the Bombing, Comfort Dogs Come to Boston
3 days ago A charity group has brought five trained therapy dogs to Boston to comfort people reeling from the Boston marathon bombing.


Katia Andreassi and Amanda Fiegl

National Geographic News

Published April 18, 2013

 how-therapy-dogs-will-help-boston-bombing-victims_66462_600x450Comfort in the form of five tail-wagging, furry-faced golden retrievers has been dispatched to aid those reeling from the Boston marathon bombing.

The dogs are specially trained therapy dogs brought to Boston by Lutheran Church Charities. They will be stationed at the First Lutheran Church of Boston, a few blocks from where bombs exploded at the marathon finish line on Monday.

The dogs have reassured people following crises like shootings and natural disasters, and they regularly visit nursing homes. Tim Hetzner, the team leader for the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dogs, said he got the idea after seeing how well students responded to therapy dogs in the wake of a 2008 school shooting at Northern Illinois University.

In Boston, like on their other visits, he’ll take the dogs only where they’re invited and will be careful to let people approach the dogs instead of vice versa, in case anyone is afraid of or allergic to the animals. The dogs are scheduled to stay in the area until Sunday.

In December, some of the same dogs went to Newtown, Connecticut, to comfort children and adults in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

After that event, National Geographic’s Amanda Fiegl interviewed Tim Hetzerabout the work of the K-9 Comfort Dogs, and delved further into the healing power of dogs. Here is an excerpt from her report:

The Human-Canine Bond

Why does petting a dog make us feel better? It’s not just because they’re cute, says Brian Hare, director of Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center.

The human-canine bond goes back thousands of years. Dogs descend from wolves and have been attracted to humans ever since we began living in settlements-a source of tasty garbage. That created an advantage for wolves to live near humans, and since it tended to be the less aggressive wolves that could do this more effectively, they essentially self-domesticated over time, according to Hare.

Part of what makes dogs special is that they are one of the only species that does not generally exhibit xenophobia, meaning fear of strangers, says Hare.

“We’ve done research on this, and what we’ve found is that not only are most dogs totally not xenophobic, they’re actually xenophilic-they love strangers!” Hare said. “That’s one way in which you could say dogs are ‘better’ than people. We’re not always that welcoming.”

People also benefit from interacting with canines. Simply petting a dog can decrease levels of stress hormones, regulate breathing, and lower blood pressure. Research also has shown that petting releases oxytocin, a hormone associated with bonding and affection, in both the dog and the human.

Do Dogs Have Empathy?

In situations like the Newtown shootings, it makes a lot of sense that dogs would be an effective form of comfort, says psychologist Debbie Custance of Goldsmiths College, University of London.

“Dogs are social creatures that respond to us quite sensitively, and they seem to respond to our emotions,” she said.

Custance recently led a study to see whether dogs demonstrated empathy. She asked volunteers to either pretend to cry, or just “hum in a weird way.” Would the dogs notice the difference?

“The response was extraordinary,” she said. Nearly all of the dogs came over to nuzzle or lick the crying person, whether it was the owner or a stranger, while they paid little attention when people were merely humming.

“We’re not saying this is definitive evidence that dogs have empathy-but I can certainly understand why people would think they do, at least,” Custance said.

Other animals can also be useful in what’s known as “animal-assisted therapy.” The national organization Pet Partners has 11,000 registered teams of volunteer handlers and animals that visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and victims of tragedy and disaster. Although most of the teams use dogs, some involve horses, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and even barnyard animals like pigs and chickens.

The presence of an animal can help facilitate a discussion with human counselors or simply provide wordless emotional release, said Rachel Wright, director of Pet Partners’ therapy animal program. The group plans to deploy several teams of therapy dogs to Newtown in the near future, working closely with agencies that are already present in the community, she said.

To some, the idea of sending a dog to a grieving person might seem too simplistic. But Custance says that very simplicity is part of what makes the connection between humans and canines so powerful.

“When humans show us affection, it’s quite a complicated thing that involves expectations and judgments,” she said. “But with a dog, it’s a very uncomplicated, nonchallenging interaction with no consequences. And if you’ve been through a hard time, it’s lovely to have that.”